Country Style

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Country Style Restaurant is a family business which was born from the hard work and dedication of a true Jamaican matriarch.  The business was formed by the desire to meet the growing need of Jamaicans for high quality Jamaican food.  Mrs. Yvette Richards felt that indigenous dishes were not being presented with the level of pride as foreign ones, when Jamaican food has no less a status in quality. The business existed informally for many years starting from the kitchen of its Director.  After catering for some years while working as a  teacher, she resigned from the profession after 25 years to take on running canteens. She catered for her own parties and functions with friends and colleagues as her clients.  With her brothers and sisters as cooks, she catered feasts fit for kings. They were so impressed with her food and how she presented it, as well as how creative she could be, and she was encouraged to invest in her own business.  Country Style Restaurant was opened at its current location in Stony Hill and years later the lower level space was transformed into Georgianna's, the dining room which has since hosted numerous weddings, corporate functions, anniversary and birthday parties, and other festive occasions.

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